We are not only concerned about the safety of the goods of our customers but also integrate exclusive safety measures for safety assurance.

Transit packers and Movers adopt additional safety measures while moving that has made the ratio of our repetitive customers go high.

Some of our initiatives include:

Trucking Cube ensures Zero Transshipment

We have designed the innovative concept of Trucking Cube (Container) in order to make customer free from the fear of getting their belongings mixed with the goods of other customer sharing the carrier. In this concept, two or three cubes are clubbed in one truck and are taken from one destination to another. According to your needs and size of the consignment, you can choose the cube. Also, you can lock your cube with your lock to keep it safe and secured at the time of transit. These cubes would be unlocked by you at your destination.

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Special LED/LCD Box for Special Care

We make use of specialized and well-designed LCD/LED box. Being rugged from outside, these boxes protect the LCD/LED from the outer harms and damages and having a thick layer of foam inside, that offers cushiony effect to your delicate LCD/LED screens without harming it, especially when they are being transported from one place to another. 


Highly Durable Closed Containers

In order to protect the consignment from outside weather and dust, we make use of the closed containers. Our closed containers are highly durable, safe and protective. Still, if any kind of need appears for extra protection, we make use of Tarpaulin Sheets.

Tarpet Flooring to Avoid Damage from Jerks and Jumps

Tarpet flooring is one of the latest technique we have evolved for the safety of customer's goods. We have spread the sponge carpet, which is highly shock-absorbent over the floor of vehicles for protecting the goods from getting damaged because of the jerks and hard flooring of vehicles.